Young Driver Insurance | Best First Cars to get the Cheapest Rates

So you’ve spent months and months learning to drive, you’ve passed your theory test, and then passed your practical driving test, and now you’re looking to buy your first car. It’s an important moment in the life of any young driver, and when buying your first car, or any new car for that matter, it’s important to carefully consider your needs. It’s also important to consider your Young Driver insurance premium when looking for your first car, and whilst thinking about insurance perhaps dampens the excitement of buying your first car, it’s an important thing to think about as you don’t want to buy a car that costs an arm and a leg to insure.

Buying New? Get a city car!

For 2018 there are at least three cars that have been listed as the best for new drivers, all of which are city cars. They’ll be cheap to buy new, as well as cheap to insure. The Skoda Citigo, VW up! And the SEAT Mii have all been listed as great options for new drivers. As well as being cheap to insure, they’ll also be the perfect starter car. Being small, they’ll be easier to maneuverer which means a reduced risk of accidently hitting something and therefore a reduced chance of you having to claim on your Young Driver insurance.

Buying Used? Look for low mileage

Of course, for many new drivers their first car might have to be a used one. Thanksfully, finding a good quality used car with low mileage has never been easier, with the variety and plethora of finance schemes available to motorists these days there’s a constant flow of used cars to choose from. To get a cheaper price on your Young Driver insurance policy you should look at buying one of the following: Ford Fiesta, Volkswagen Polo, Seat Ibiza, Kia Picanto or Dacia Sandero. All are great options and all of them are quite popular cars so low mileage examples should be easy to find for a good price.

Stay Small and Basic

You will probably have noticed that the cars mentioned so far have been small cars; from city cars to small hatchbacks. As a new driver looking for their first car, a small car is highly recommended if you want a cheap Young Driver insurance quote. However, the ‘small car is best’ rule isn’t a one size fits all deal; the car must be sensible. Go for the basic engine, for example if you’re buying a Ford Fiesta get the small 1.0 EcoBoost engine and not the ST Line 3 variant; whilst the cars are the same size, the latter will give you eyewatering Young Driver insurance quotes.

Be Wary of Getting a Banger

As a new driver you may have a limited budget when it comes to purchasing your first car, but beware of simply going for the cheapest car you can find as it might actually increase your premium. Many insurers consider cars with incredibly low values as liabilities. The theory is, and statistics will back this up, that motorists who drive low value cars are less inclined to drive carefully and with little regard to the cars of other motorists, therefore driving up claims. Whilst this may be a minority of drivers it’s still enough to cause concern for Young Driver insurance companies and the general car insurance industry.


Hopefully this article on ‘top tips for young drivers’ regarding what first car you should buy has given you an insight into how the car you choose can affect the price of your Young Driver insurance. Whatever car you choose, make sure you give it a test drive, whether it’s new or used, as it’s important to get a feel of the car. If you start driving a car you don’t feel comfortable driving, you’ll be prone to errors and that could affect the black box on your Young Driver insurance (if you have one) or worse, result in an accident.